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Welcome to the official website of The Other Bundesliga, the Austrian football podcast that gives you deep insight, expert guests and everything you could ever wish to know about the Austrian Bundesliga and Austria national team - in English!

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Find out more about Lee Wingate, Tom Middler & Simon Clark, the talented trio behind The Other Bundesliga

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Here's where you'll find our written articles on all-things Austrian football

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We're out and about around the grounds every week! Check out our favourite images and get to know the Austrian Bundesliga stadia and cities

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New to Austrian football? You might have seen or heard us spreading the word on the beautiful game already, thanks to our media work with these great publications

The Sweeper

Heard of our sister project - The Sweeper? We love spreading the news about lesser-known leagues so much that we started a pan-European football podcast in collaboration with the excellent football app - FotMob!